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42,15 EUR*
Details Evaluating Professional Development (1-Off Series)

Evaluating Professional Development This is a practical guide to evaluating professional development programs at five increasing levels of sophistication: participants' reaction to professional development; how much participants learned; evaluating...

23,49 EUR*
Details Evaluating E-Learning (Infoline ASTD)

Seiten: 16, Taschenbuch, Assn for Talent Development

106,99 EUR*
Details Evaluating Transnational NGOs: Legitimacy, Accountability, Representation

Seiten: 288, Ausgabe: 1st ed. 2010, Taschenbuch, Palgrave Macmillan

9,75 EUR*
Details Evaluating Performance For Bizzies

Seiten: 34, Taschenbuch, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

70,72 EUR*
Details Evaluating Nursing Interventions: A Theory-Driven Approach

Seiten: 204, Ausgabe: New., Taschenbuch, Sage Publications, Incorporated

28,53 EUR*
Details Evaluating Peace Operations

Seiten: 234, Taschenbuch, Lynne Rienner Publishers Inc

8,09 EUR*
Details The Bible: Evaluating Patterns

Seiten: 148, Taschenbuch, Patmos Isle Publishing

38,10 EUR*
Details Handbook for Evaluating Infrastructure Regulatory Systems

Seiten: 420, Ausgabe: New., Taschenbuch, World Bank Pubn

49,90 EUR*
Details Evaluating Cloud Storage Security In Ghana

Seiten: 104, Taschenbuch, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing

31,49 EUR*
Details Evaluating Literacy: A Perspective for Change

Seiten: 186, Taschenbuch, Heinemann Educ Books

61,90 EUR*
Details Paediatric Cochlear Implantation: Evaluating Outcomes

Seiten: 300, Ausgabe: 1, Taschenbuch, John Wiley & Sons

49,00 EUR*
Details Evaluating Software Complexity based on Decision Coverage

Seiten: 76, Taschenbuch, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing

14,56 EUR*
Details Evaluating Federal Support for Poverty Research

Seiten: 84, Taschenbuch, Cambridge Scholars Publishing

63,99 EUR*
Details Evaluating School Programs: An Educator's Guide

Seiten: 104, Ausgabe: Third., Gebundene Ausgabe, Corwin Pr Inc

28,81 EUR*
Details Evaluating Information and Evidence (Career Examination Passbooks)

Seiten: 240, Ausgabe: Spi, Plastikspiralbindung, National Learning Corp

47,82 EUR*
Details Evaluating Worksite Health Promotion

Seiten: 216, Gebundene Ausgabe, Human Kinetics Publishers

149,46 EUR*
Details Evaluating Research in Communicative Disorders

Seiten: 432, Ausgabe: 0006, Gebundene Ausgabe, Allyn & Bacon

156,24 EUR*
Details Evaluating HIV Prevention Interventions (Aids Prevention and Mental Health)

Evaluating HIV Prevention Interventions Giving all health care professionals the necessary tools for developing and implementing successful HIV interventions, this guide discusses every aspect of evaluation including: the social and political context...

68,99 EUR*
Details Evaluating Research Articles from Start to Finish

Evaluating Research Articles from Start to Finish This thoroughly updated new edition of the bestselling text trains students to critically read a research article from start to finish. Containing twenty-five engaging articles of both ideal and flawed...

38,49 EUR*
Details Strategic Investment Decision: Evaluating Investment Opportunities (FT)

Seiten: 224, Ausgabe: 01, Gebundene Ausgabe, Financial Times Prentice Hall

64,90 EUR*
Details Evaluating & Designing an Interaction Tool for M-Learning

Seiten: 172, Taschenbuch, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing

163,21 EUR*
Details Online Credibility and Digital Ethos: Evaluating Computer-Mediated Communication

Online Credibility and Digital Ethos Digital technology plays a vital role in today's need for instant information access. The simplicity of acquiring and publishing online information presents new challenges in establishing and evaluating online...

28,49 EUR*
Details Evaluating Policy Regimes: New Research in Empirical Macroeconomics

Seiten: 1008, Ausgabe: New., Taschenbuch, Brookings Institution Press